Top 5 Most Ordered Chai in India

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You can’t underestimate tea as it stands as the world’s favorite drink after water, and in India, emotions are attached to tea. 

Most people in India consider tea a second option to have after water and the first option as a hot beverage. Tea comes in various flavors, and people consume different flavors of tea based on the type of events or moods they are into. 

Tea is considered a sweet and hot drink. They also add a flavor of spices to enhance its taste. You can find many tea flavors in Chai that you can change according to your liking by mixing various flavors. Tea in India is mostly used as an a- refresher for improving moods. The tea industry reached $10 bn in the US and $38.8 bn across the world.

It’s the most widely used beverage that suits any event and is loved by most Indian audiences. With Chai’s popularity in India and across the globe, the competition in various flavors by different brands is rising at a reasonable rate in India.

Let’s jot down here the top 5 most loved chai’s in India.

1. Masala Chai:

Masala chai is the most loved Chai in India. It’s made by mixing spices, cinnamon, herbs, cardamom, and cloves. Mamri tea plants from the Assam area are deployed to make this tea with various spices. 

Ginger tea, cardamom tea, cinnamon tea, and lemongrass tea are the most popular Chai’s you can find on India’s roads and famous streets. They serve this tea in small plastic cups, glasses, or clay kulhar.

2. Green Tea:

The health-conscious people, mostly company employees, prefer to have green tea instead of milk tea. 

Green tea is used to detox the body and add freshness to the mood. Also, green tea is used by most people as medicine, or they are on some medication. Green tea has a list of benefits to health based on the flavor of green tea. It’s most popular health benefits are reducing your weight, flushing out toxins, rejuvenating your skin, and glycemic control.

3. Black chai/decoction:

Black tea/decoction is the most used by the people who love the stronger flavor. Assamese plants made leaves are widely used to make this flavor of the tea. 

Also, some people who avoid milk or dairy products go with the black tea option.

In most traditional Indian hotels, they provide ‘handa’ decoction made in copper utensils consumed in the morning. Handa decoction is famous for pure blood and makes skin glowing.

4. Noon Tea:

You can find this tea mostly in Kashmir and other parts of India too. Noon ciao is also famous for Sheer Chai. Noon chai is pinkish, unlike other teas that are colored in black, brown, or greenish color.

It’s made out of brewing tea leaves mixed with baking soda and cardamom till a desired pink color reaches. Sher chai is generally coupled with milk and salt. Also, it ‘s garnished with dry fruits such as as- almonds and pistachio and even with cinnamon.

Like other teas, this tea also has its health benefits. It keeps your body cool and nourishes your skin, and acts as an energy booster as well.

5. Irani Chai:

When we talk about chais, we can’t miss Irani te. It’s most famous in Pune and Hyderabad. Mostly it’\s coupled with Maska Pav or Bun Maska. It’s a quick breakfast for most of the Hyderabadis, which is made by mixing some spices.

We can also find songs on Irani chai. Example- ‘Dubai Ka Chashma Cheen Ki Chaddi Aur Irani Chai,’ 

Like other chais Irani chai also adds health benefits such as cancer prevention, improving heart health, improving oral health, aids bone health, useful in treating minor cuts and scrapes, and curing sunburns.

Here are some of the most exciting facts about Chai that you must know apart from the points-

  • Chai tasting is somewhat like wine tasting.
  • You can find over 1500 variants in Chai.
  • It’s the second most consumed beverage in the world, next to the water.
  • Britain is the second-largest nation to consume Chai next to Ireland.
  • Chai is categorized into six types- White, Green, Black, Green, Oolong, and Post fermented.

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