How has Chai Become a Tradition in India?

How has Chai Become a Tradition in India? In India, most of the Indians’ day starts with a chai. Ideally speaking, people consume Chai just because they are habituated to it. To your surprise, Chai has many benefits, which eventually attracted many people addicted to it from health to habit of drinking it. Whatever the […]

Tea Franchise: A new scope to build business in this pandemic

Tea Time Franchise Business

We can’t expect to start a new business without an investment of lakhs of money. Many individuals with an entrepreneur’s mind struggle to make their dream come true and work as a salaried employee. Even though they are employed, they are not satisfied with their job and look for various opportunities to start a new […]

Top 5 Most Ordered Chai in India

5 Most ordered chai

You can’t underestimate tea as it stands as the world’s favorite drink after water, and in India, emotions are attached to tea.  Most people in India consider tea a second option to have after water and the first option as a hot beverage. Tea comes in various flavors, and people consume different flavors of tea […]