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It’s about the journey, not the destination. It reflects everything that makes us special – from our high quality desi tea at an affordable price, to our modern Indian entrepreneurial spirit
It inspires us to channel the flavours of our desi tea and our heritage throughout the world with our franchise model. 

We are India’s largest tea franchise family. 

This is Tea Time. A place where all are welcome.


We believe, the careful the selection, the tastier the tea

we source our tea leaves from north India’s
tier-1 gardens

Zero artificial flavors to enhance the real taste of desi tea

Brewed to perfection so you can enjoy & unwind

Hand pounded ginger from local produce to give you the ” Maa ke haath ki Ghar waali Kadak chai” 

Prepared by our expert chefs in the most hygienic conditions since safety is our priority 

We use Fresh milk and RO purified water.Quality is the heart of our family.

100% Sulphur free sugar is used in every cup because we value your health. 

Why TeaTime ?

Whoever you are. Wherever you’ve come from. 

You’ll be welcomed with open arms at Tea Time.  After all, it’s a

 family tradition for founder Uday – a culture where any guest

 who walks through our door is met with desi tea, ideas and

 business to share and a warm, generous spirit.

Our Vision

We are here to bring the numero uno tea experience that Tea Time gives to as many villages, towns, cities and countries as we can, while building sustainable growth for farmers and empowering local Entrepreneurship. We know the tea that Indians love, thats the taste we built.

Our mission

We are on mission to add value in the lives of our fast growing community – our customers, farmers, franchisees, employees and our investors. Every cup counts towards bringing joy that’s mutual !

Uday Srinivas tangella


For me, serving the commoners the desi-way has been the aim amid big-budget brands and affrodable prices. I was in UAE, where I noticed the Indian’s love for tea and they aren’t able to afford a cup of tea in dubai. An idea struck my mind, why not
 build a community to serve tea at an affordable price worldwide. 

I started my own tea store investing 5 lacs and realised the true scope of my creation with an increaseing footfall for the taste of my tea recipe, and began working towards expanding with a franchise model. Now, we are the India’s largest and fastest growing Tea Shop chain with 1400+ Stores in India. 

My Idea is not just limited to offering great tea – I am building a family with the help of my farmers, business partners,employees and investors. Quality and Genuinity is what I love.

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